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The Clifford G. Fleetwood Companies International, Wallstreet New York, 10001,Tele: 631-606-3519

Our Policies

The Law Office of: Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD
International Attorneys, International Publishers, and International Consultants
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Our Policies
   Thank you for taking the time to visit with us.
We strive to bring our clients, and customers the best service possible. Please feel free to contact us anytime. 
"That's The: Clifford G. Fleetwood Policy,
 And 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"! 
   Call Us At: 631-606-3519, In New York City, New York,
Or In Fort Lauderdale, Florida
 Thanks Again!

Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD
Chairman Of The Board Of Investment Advisors, USA, and UK